As local drivers know; springtime is an ideal opportunity to take care of routine vehicle maintenance. After a brutal Michigan winter, you'll want to make sure your car or truck is ready to head into warmer weather. Fortunately, Suburban Ford of Waterford is ready to help.

Our service center recommends a range of services this spring to help your driver back to tip-top condition.

  1. Install Wiper Blades: This simple service can save you a big headache when the spring rains arrive. If your blades are chewed up and worn out, you'll want a fresh pair installed so that you can see that road ahead during April showers.
  2. Oil Change and Other Fluids: Seasonal oil changes are a recommended part of any car's maintenance schedule. As spring arrives, it's a great time to schedule another one. This common service helps your engine run better and longer.
  3. Battery Test: Car and truck batteries are susceptible to the frigid temperatures of winter, so it's a good idea to have yours checked when spring arrives. If your technician finds that your car battery is tapped, they can get a new one installed in minutes.
  4. Tire Rotation: A variety of conditions can cause issues for tires. Simple services like tire rotations and wheel alignments can make sure yours are ready to go.
  5. Wax and Detail: Sometimes, springtime service isn't about functionality. After a long winter, a wax and detail can bring your car back to pristine looks.

Ready to get your car or truck ready for spring? Schedule an appointment with the service center at Suburban Ford of Waterford. We're ready to address a wide range of car care needs.

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