Recall services are a common part of vehicle ownership and maintenance -- even for highly respected brands like Ford. With Suburban Ford of Waterford, you'll find the support and expertise you need to address important recall services. Plus, our team of Ford service experts can help you with routine maintenance as well.

What is a Recall?

Recalls go out when a given model has a factory defect causes impaired safety. Typically, these issues are identified either by the manufacturer or by the NHTSA. In this case, the manufacturer sends out a notice to specific VIN numbers indicating the need for repairs. The cost of recall services is covered by the OEM itself, so you won't have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses.

How Can I Keep Track of Recalls?

You can sign up for recall information with the myCARFAX Safety Recall Check. CARFAX keeps track of recall notices for all sorts of makes and models, and this service lets owners know if there are recalls out for their specific vehicles. You won't have to go out of your way to keep track of recall notices on your own.

Suburban Ford of Waterford Service Center is Ready to Help with Recalls

If you do get a recall notice for your Ford, then our service team is ready to jump in and help. The Suburban Ford of Waterford service center has the trained staff and specialized equipment necessary for recall services. Get in touch with our service advisors to plan your recall service appointment.

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