Keep Track of Vehicle Recalls and Service History

Keeping track of open recall notices for your vehicle is easy with help from CARFAX resources at Suburban Ford of Waterford near Pontiac, MI and Commerce Township.

Vehicle recalls aren't uncommon in the automotive world. Faults in parts or manufacturing can lead to all sorts of issues, and automakers are often responsible for addressing the subsequent maintenance.

It's important for owners to keep track of these vehicle recalls and get the necessary repairs completed. Failing to do so can result in diminished vehicle performance or even unsafe driving conditions. Fortunately, the myCARFAX Safety Recall Check can make sure you're informed of all necessary recall repairs for your vehicle.

Get Alerts for Recalls

Getting alerts for vehicle recall notices is as easy as signing up. Provide a preferred email address, then fill in your vehicle information. CARFAX will use its innumerable data and information to detect any recall notices that apply for your vehicle and send you alerts if they come up.

Track Vehicle Service History

It's not just recalls that you can keep track of with CARFAX. You'll also be able to view your vehicle's recorded service history. Check out your timeline of oil changes, tire rotations, and more to make sure your vehicle is on track for its maintenance plan.

Work with Suburban Ford of Waterford to Complete Recall Repairs

Suburban Ford of Waterford is here to help you with recall repairs as well as routine maintenance. If your car is up for a recall near West Bloomfield or Auburn Hills, contact our service staff. They can schedule an appointment to complete the repairs at no cost to you. We'll also help you stay on track with your vehicle's scheduled service plan. Our team of service experts can make sure your vehicle gets the high-quality care it needs for maximum performance and comfort.