Ford has put together a lineup of new cars that serve a wide variety of needs. From weekend cruising to heavy-duty work, these vehicles help drivers of all kinds. Luckily, Ford also makes cars that are prepared to handle conditions that Michigan drivers are all too familiar with: winter.

The winter season certainly has its unique challenges, often throwing howling winds and icy roads at drivers across the state. Certain Ford models come well equipped to handle these conditions, and they're worth a close look.

Many drivers turn to Ford crossovers and SUVs when they're looking for winter-worthy vehicles. It's not hard to see why. High ground clearance makes it easier to move through snow drifts, and available all-wheel drive provides a traction boost when you need it. Here are a few Ford crossovers and SUVs to consider:

  • EcoSport
  • Escape
  • Edge
  • Explorer
  • Flex
  • Expedition

You may also find the winter capability you're looking for in a Ford truck. Four-wheel drive equipped models like the F-150 or all-new Ranger can crawl their way through some tough elements.

Of course, you can also improve the cold-weather performance of any vehicle by equipping it with a set of winter tires. If you want more confidence in snow, ice, and sub-freezing temperatures, chat with our service center about installing winter tires.

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